"Louise lost 5% body fat in 8 weeks, lost 1/2 inch off thighs, increased fitness and all over tone"



"6 weeks Mogan has dropped bodyfat by 4%, waist has gone from 39" to 37", increased lung capcity, all areas of stregth improved. Press up, sit up, squat, squat thrust and tricep dips."


"Since Phil took me on as a client I have seen vast improvements in multiple aspects of my fitness. I have always been an active individual who loves engaging in physical activities but no matter how hard I was training I wasn't seeing the improvements or weight loss I was looking for. Phil brings all his experience from his mixed martial art background and combines it with innovative techniques developed over his career to make training session dynamic, productive and enjoyable! My body fat has dropped and body tone improved as well as seeing significant improvements to my cardio. Phil has set realistic and achievable goals which we monitor on a monthly basis, and as we reach these goals he always ensures I am motivated to push on to the next target. Having a personal trainer that is motivating, driven and understands you individually is key to your success, Phil has all these attributes and more and I constantly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their appearance and lifestyle."


Miles Hilton-Barber - www.mileshilton-barber.com

"If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who is not only extremely professional and good at his work, but also a really nice guy you can relate to easily, phil is the trainer for you. I initially signed up for ten sessions with him and was so impressed with the results and so enjoyed our sessions together that I have signed up for the rest of the year!"

"Phil has been inspiring! He has helped me realise my potential, and we have achieved results I never thought were possible before my training sessions with Phil. I would recommend Phil as a personal trainer to anyone"

 Nick Humphreys - www.nicholashumphreys.com

"I met Phil through another trainer, he has been working me out in my own home once a week for an hour for 5 months now and I'm really noticing the changes in my body and level of fitness. I absolutely love the combat training and circuit training it's a real killer but a great fat burner.

Hayley Chapman.

"lost 1 and 1/2 stone in 8 weeks bodyfat down 4% overall health mobility and alertness all improved"


"Working out with Phil is great I have lost 4 stone, my fitness is better than ever, the gym is private and training is fun!"


"Phil came highly recommended to me by a friend. He's been training me every week in my garage for just over 32 weeks and my family and friends have commented on how well I'm looking and amazed at how I've managed to shed over 30lbs and straighten my posture out. When I started out with Phil I couldn't do the 'Plank' for more than 30 seconds, now I can hold it for 3 minutes no problems. My goal….is to fit into a go-karting outfit and to stop missing out on fun activities with my friends."

Chris Wells


Personal Trainer

"I've been training with Phil for nearly 4 months now and despite/ because of how much he pushes me, every session's been a real pleasure! Phil knows his stuff, keeps routines varied, and never fails to be enthused. In terms of rating him as a personal trainer he's great. But more importantly, he's unparallel on the personal side. Thanks Phil!"


I have been training with Phil for 6 months and have been really pleased with the results. At times Phil can be brutal but certainly gets the best out of me (even when I moan about it!). He is intuitive and knows when to make me work harder and when I am giving my all. Phil really knows his stuff and with years of experience the sessions are varied and interesting. I regularly walk in dreading it and walk out buzzing! I have tried lots of diets and work outs but feel like I have finally found the one with longevity and long term benefits. I'm feeling fitter and happier with myself. Thanks Phil.

Fliss Moore

"I know Phil from my circle of friends and have always been reluctant to join a gym mainly because i have found it difficult to motivate myself and make myself go. I initially only signed up with Phil for 6 weeks but given i always look forward to the sessions i wanted to carry on. Every session is different and i've seen a big change in my body fat since starting. I don't really want to lose weight but keep fit and get more definition and i can already see a difference"

Dom Moore

"I have been training with Phil 4 times per week and have lost 2 stone feel so much better and have so much energy now!

The training is very varied and hard but worth every session!"


"I have been attending Phil's Fit 2 Fight class on a Friday evening for the past two months. Having allways enjoyed a variety of sports I was keen to challenge myself with something different. When Phil intially told me to come down and give it a go I was impressed with the variety of circuits and padwork that not only included boxing but influences from other martial arts that involved using elbows, shins, feet etc. The prime benefit of this class for me is keeping fit within a controlled and disciplined environment, and there is plenty of encouragement to push yourself that little bit more. Since joining Phil's class my endurance and general level of fitness has improved and I have seen a significant drop in my body fat. Although initially dubious about taking part in a class that took place on a Friday night I can honestly say it starts my weekend off with a bang and I always feel that much better for going! "

Dom Taylor

I train with my Dad twice a week at DPT. My fitness and stamina has increased and my core has also improved which has helped my horse riding, the boxing sessions are also fun and a great calorie burner.

Phil adapts the sessions to acheive your goals and even though I train with my Dad he does this easily.

Holly Hammond

"I came to Phil as a asthmatic and wanted to improve my lung capacity. I can now run 3 miles no problem I came to Phil as he has GP referral experiance"


"Phil has trained me for 2 years I have so much more confidence and I feel happy with my body now and enjoying life. And the best part is I have lost 3 STONE!!!
Thanks Phil!!!!!!!"


I have lost 1 stone in one month. It has been hard but rewarding training.

I feel fitter stronger and have loads more energy!

Paul Jex

"I have lost 3 KG in 6 weeks and lost 3" off my waist, VERY HAPPY!!!!!!"


"Training with Phil has been the most fun form of exercise ive ever done! The combination of combat training and cardio circuits is much more interesting than just visiting the gym. I have toned up my tummy and have dropped the excess weight I was carrying after having kids. I feel fitter and more toned now than even before I had kids!"


My husband and I have both been training regularly with Phil for well over a year now. As a result we have seen a huge improvement in our fitness levels, strength and stamina. Phil has a way of making every session feel different and fresh so that you never get bored. As a result we have stuck to our sessions week in, week out. Plus the incentive to keep the appointment is far greater than just going to the gym because of not wanting to let him down. Phil is always cheerful and encouraging (even if he sometimes despairs of our food diaries!) and has a talent for pushing you hard enough to achieve more than you thought possible without pushing you so hard that you don't want to/can't carry on! It's hard work and the dreaded fitness test is the stuff of nightmares but we would both wholeheartedly recommend training with Phil whatever your personal goals are.

Catherine Heap

"Phil has been working on my fitness for a biking event I have entered this summer, we have been concentrating on lots of interval work and I am amazed at how my cardio has improved"

My overall wellbeing is lots better!


"I lost 4% Bodyfat in 2months"


"I needed to lose 1/2 a stone ready for my birthday party in Magaluf! Beach and I did it easy thanks Phil"


"In 6 weeks I have lost a stone and my bodyfat has reduced by 5%! In my fitness test I have made 100% improvement"

John Webster

6 weeks half a stone loss, 2"off waist 100% improvement on fitness tests x7!


"Phil has helped me gain weight and add lean muscle, Iam very happy with my progress and feel stronger and fitter"